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Friction stir welding, what do we do?
Source:Ningbo Jingcheng Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. 2020-06-22 09:45:13

 1, product consulting you only need to provide consulting product pictures, drawings and requirements to us, our project evaluation will be given to you in time for a preliminary friction stir welding, you can also bring samples, drawings directly to our communication.

2. Product friction stir welding product proofing is not as simple as you might think, oh, there are many things to consider, material properties, sample structure, welding depth, whether it is easy to deform, lap or butt joint, appearance requirements, etc. , these proofing before the need and our tune master serious communication Oh!

 Our master is very serious and patient, treat every sample customers are the same, on-site operation side of the exchange, over and over again tired of debugging, until the sample out of customer satisfaction.

Friction Stir Welding proofing also requires fixture, general product proofing, as far as possible to use simple fixture, in order to fast proofing, such as the following figure with a simple clamping device. And for the structure of slightly complex product proofing, it is necessary to do a formal fixture.

 We have a professional fixture design team and years of friction stir welding experience, to share with you two recent products to customer proofing of the automatic hydraulic fixture.

PROOFING NOTES: 1. Proofing products: you need to provide product drawings, requirements and proofing products (suggested 3 or more) ; 2. PROOFING CYCLE: 1 ~ 3 days, the fastest day to take samples, mainly depends on the proofing product fixture manufacturing and debugging cycle; 3. Proofing fee: process effect samples free, formal product proofing pre-charge a certain proofing fee, batch processing can be returned proofing fee. Welcome the friend who has the friction stir welding to receive the product demand to come our exchange.

3. Weld friction stir welding. How do you judge the weld quality? Generally we can judge the weld effect from the appearance of the weld, of course, in order to give customers a more intuitive welding effect, we will take the welding sample to do a profile cutting effect.

 Of course, some products with higher air tightness requirements, such as water-cooled products, need to pass professional air tightness testing, and some require higher requirements for structural stability, such as x-ray radiography analysis, etc. , at present, our company is also beginning to prepare for testing equipment, so that customers can save their own testing.

4, small batch trial production :

friction stir welding equipment support small batch trial production, customers can avoid blind purchase of equipment. Select a really suitable for their own company's products welding equipment, so that customers really benefit.

In addition, Jingcheng currently has a wide selection of friction stir welding equipment models, including medium sized static Gantry, small type C machine and five axis static gantry, which can meet the majority of customer proofing / Trial Production Needs.

5, Fixture Custom Service Jingcheng provides professional friction stir welding custom service, has a professional design team and fixture processing center and more than 10 years of professional fixture design experience, in the field of friction stir welding has also accumulated a wealth of fixture products, can independently complete the design and manufacture of large-scale automatic fixture friction stir welding.


 Jingcheng products of each friction stir welding, have to go through strict debugging, and in our own equipment after the completion of on-machine testing before delivery to customers, saving customers on-machine debugging time.

 At the same time, we are responsible for each custom fixture door-to-door installation and commissioning, and for the operator to do professional training in the use of fixture.

Case demonstration of custom fixture:

Case Study of welding fixture for new energy vehicle battery tray

6. Product processing services currently, friction stir welding has two medium sized static gantry, two five axis equipment, and two c-type machines, which can meet the batch processing needs of products of different specifications and types, and new equipment will be added in the future, in addition, the company has sufficient reserves of technical personnel to ensure that processing orders on time and quality delivery. At present, Jingcheng has accumulated rich product case experience in the fields of new energy automobile, power electronics, water cooling, such as battery tray, motor Shell, liquid cooling plate, radiator, box body welding, automobile wheel hub welding and so on.


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