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The extraordinary of the ordinary, the friction stir welding
Source:Ningbo Jingcheng Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. 2020-06-24 14:49:16

Shi Zhen, born in the 1990s, is a mechanic in friction stir welding's business department. Lai Youzhi more than three years, originally in the fixture processing center, 2018 volunteered to transfer to the friction stir welding, just over two years, but became the customer's most trusted friction stir welding master, following Ash Ketchum's lens bit by bit record, ... 

Let's find out about his amazing charm... ... The friction stir welding hall, one of the busiest figures was a busy day. Early in the morning, the guest brought a sample of the product and asked the friction stir welding to splice two lapped samples of the product together. The lapped welding process was used but the material was thin, if the clamp is not good or the depth of welding is not well controlled, it will deform. Shi Zhen is quite confident about this. He is also experienced in friction stir welding, because he was originally transferred from the fixture processing center.

 Today, he chose a five-axis equipment for customer proofing. This five-axis equipment came into the factory years later. Now he is very familiar with the performance characteristics of the five-axis equipment. five-axis debugging is relatively complicated. When the equipment first came into the factory, he worked overtime for several days in a row to debug it, tried a variety of sample welding, a few days ago also for a Taiwanese customer splicing a product technology requirements are very high product, the effect is very good, the customer is very satisfied.

 Look at him now, skilled operation of this five-axis equipment, the choice of mixing head, sub-center knife, adjust pressure, speed... One at a time, and soon began to sample welding.


He told me that different models have different functional features and application scenarios, such as the friction stir welding, which is mainly used for welding curved surfaces and inclined surfaces, and the friction stir welding, mainly used for plane welding of large and medium-sized products, such as car battery pallets, etc. . Those two c-type machines over there can be used for welding small products, there is also an ultra long friction stir welding for welding ultra long sections such as high speed railway cars and ships, and a robotic friction stir welding for welding any complex product.


 In our friction stir welding, we have welding samples, custom made friction stir welding, almost every sample here has been adjusted by Shi Zhen, he has a vivid memory of the process of each product and often explains the welding process of different products to visitors.

I asked Shi Zhen, how to judge the welding effect of products, if customers want to see the internal effect of welding products how to do? He said, the general customer can judge the welding effect from the appearance of the welding sample, of course, sometimes in order to give the customer a more intuitive understanding of the welding effect, we will take the welding sample to do a section cutting effect to the customer to see, then he went to the cutting machine to take a cut sample to me, you see, the last five-axis friction welding to the customer water-cooled box product sample, cut to see if the weld is also very perfect inside, the appearance of the same, the customer is also very satisfied.

For water cooled products, Ash Ketchum also knows, the air tightness requirements are relatively high, the finished products have to pass professional air tightness testing, and some of the structural stability requirements are relatively high, and also have to do x ray photography analysis, etc. , at present, our company is also beginning to prepare for testing equipment, so that customers can save their own testing.

The welding process requirements of each product are not the same, what kind of welding process to choose, which kind of stirring head to suit, how to select the welding depth, what kind of welding speed is more suitable, welding knife road how to go and so on these all need to consider, this is the "old master" experience, it seems that Ash Ketchum is still a primary school student, more and Shi Zhen teacher learning.


 Do a line, love a line

Shi Zhen spent most of the time in the equipment exhibition hall, either in front of the equipment busy machine proofing, is to accompany guests to show explain the product process. I talked to him today while he was at his office computer.

I asked him, I heard that you were transferred from the processing center to the friction stir welding two years ago, why are you so adept at friction stir welding in such a short time? Have you ever been exposed to friction stir welding equipment before, he said, he had never been exposed to friction stir welding equipment before, but when Tomoji was exposed to the equipment, he became interested and the company needed it, so he volunteered to transfer from the processing center to the friction stir welding and began his friction stir welding career, do a line love a line, as long as interested in anything, to do it well.

Shi Zhen is also a very fond of learning after the 90s, very ambitious, this is also one of the reasons why he is valued by the leaders, even though he is so busy every day, and does not forget to take time to recharge his batteries, for a while he lived in the company dormitory, I saw his dormitory desk, bedside is full of all kinds of adjustment machine, programming design books, for most office workers, off-duty free time is not in the brush cell phone, or go out hi. It's really hard to be able to sit down and study. I applaud you. You are a good example to US Homo sapiens. Let's learn from you and cheer together.

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