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Children's Day, back to the heart, may we all have the power to grow!
Source:Ningbo Jingcheng Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. 2020-06-24 15:26:20






 This activity specially arranged red scarf action, parent-child Games, family sharing and other links, and children with the red scarf to feel the innocence of the beautiful, play with children, and establish a tacit understanding with children, share family stories, look into your heart and grow up with your children. That's what we call it —— to be a happy family, to return to the New Heart, to grow with children. Children are the best role models for our spiritual development. Saint Mencius said, "my Lord, do not lose your New Heart. " The growth of the soul is the return of the New Heart. In the heart to remove a yoke, the heart will grow a point. The mind gets rid of an unknown, the mind gets a stretch. Our heart should have been so broad and lofty, our heart should have been so happy and rich! How many people grow up to be like this? Afraid of doing the wrong thing to say the wrong words, especially care about the eyes and opinions of others... outside kind and gentle, but home as if a different person, cold and rude, prone to shouting, make the family atmosphere tense depression... seemingly happy life as if everything is so desirable, but I do not know why always unhappy, unhappy, encountered a little bit of trouble to burst into tears... on the street, because children do not obey, he could not control his temper, he beat and scolded his child... he was unhappy even though he had everything; he did not trust anyone, even though he was treated well by those around him. All of this is because, beneath the surface of these adults, there still lurks a nervous, fearful, ingratiating, fearful, anxious, yearning, sad, ungrown soul. Children's Day, return to the heart. May We all HAVE THE POWER TO GROW!

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