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In 2019, saifoster entered into a strategic partnership with Ningbo Jingcheng Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. the company's business is in the field of friction stir welding. With years of experience in the field of auto parts, saifoster actively cooperates with saifoster in the development of friction stir welding equipment for new energy vehicles, which helps many domestic main engine plant suppliers to complete the "three electrics" of new energy Mass production of equipment. Ningbo Jingcheng Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. has rich experience in the field of new energy battery tray manufacturing, and can provide a complete set of effective battery tray welding solutions.


Current Situation Of Aluminum Used In Automobile

With the rapid development of automobile industry, aluminum is widely used in automobile industry. The variety and structure of aluminum alloy materials for automobile industry in the world basically belong to two categories, namely, cast aluminum alloy and deformed aluminum alloy. In order to meet the demand of automobile industry production, improve production efficiency and reduce manufacturing cost, at present, the automobile industry uses casting technology to produce more aluminum alloy parts, and about three quarters of the aluminum for automobile is cast aluminum alloy. The aluminum alloy for automobile is mainly Al Si alloy, and the aluminum castings are mainly made by pressure casting, low pressure casting and gravity casting, of which the die casting accounts for more than 70%.

New development direction of aluminum for automobile

6061-T6 is the main alloy used in automobile suspension parts. This is because the strength of 2 ××× system alloy and 7 ×× system alloy is very high, but there are many cases of spot corrosion in the salt alkali area. After the corrosion resistance test, it is confirmed that the fatigue strength of 2 ××× system alloy and 7 ××× system alloy is lower than that of 6061 alloy. Therefore, based on 6061 alloy, the development of new aluminum alloy extrusion die-casting materials with high corrosion resistance, high fatigue strength and low cost is also the development direction in the future.

Because of the shape of steering mechanism and brake parts, aluminum casting products are mostly used. Most parts must be able to withstand the pressure of more than 10MPa (100 atmospheric pressure), and have good corrosion resistance and strength, so it is necessary to develop excellent alloy with this characteristic and castability. In addition, considering the influence of brake heat resistance, a kind of Al Cu cast alloy with good casting performance should be developed. In order to obtain good comprehensive properties, it is also a new direction to develop new cast and die-casting aluminum alloy materials based on Al Si system.

Friction stir welding and the development of automobile industry

In the process of friction stir welding, under the action of intense agitation, friction and forging, the weld metal material is plastically softened. With the rotation of the mixing head, it is transferred from the front edge of the mixing needle to the back edge. Under the action of the mixing shaft shoulder, it is squeezed and forged, and finally a fine forging structure joint is obtained. Because the welded metal material does not undergo "melting solidification" in the whole welding process ”Therefore, excellent solid-phase joint is obtained. There are no hot cracks, liquefying cracks, hydrogen holes and other welding defects in the structure of friction stir weld, which often exist in the fusion welding process; the welding joint can be in the form of butt joint, lap joint or T-joint.

The use of new materials and new structures requires the use of new connection technology, and the invention of friction stir welding technology just meets this demand. At present, the application of FSW in automobile manufacturing industry mainly includes the following two aspects:

1. Friction stir welding technology is directly used in the manufacturing of some automobile parts, such as aluminum alloy automobile wheel hub, aluminum alloy extrusion profile, sewing blank, electric vehicle chassis parts, automobile electronic control unit (ECU radiator), etc;

2. The extension technology of FSW is used in the manufacturing of automobile parts, such as FSW is used in the welding of automobile doors, etc.


Equipment of saifoster automobile industry

In 2008 and 2011, saiforster company of aviation industry respectively provided two special friction stir welding equipment for aluminum alloy wheel hub of automobile to a domestic automobile manufacturer, and successfully applied the friction stir welding technology in the field of automobile industry.

In 2012, saiforster Aviation Industry Co., Ltd. provided two standard dragon gate type friction stir welding equipment for a German automobile manufacturer, which was used in the manufacturing of aluminum alloy battery tray products for new energy vehicles, and successfully opened the German market.

From 2015 to 2016, saifoster Aviation Industry Co., Ltd. provided two (four) sets of special friction stir welding equipment for aluminum alloy wheel hub of automobile to a Korean automobile manufacturer, all of which realized the "one key welding" function and won international reputation for Chinese manufacturing.

In 2016, saifoster Aviation Industry Co., Ltd. provided a new type of intelligent friction stir welding equipment for German funded enterprises, which is used in the manufacturing of automobile parts. The equipment is equipped with two station conversion tooling, and one product is welded in 4 minutes on average.

AVIC saifoster has successively supported a number of domestic and foreign automobile manufacturing enterprises to establish production lines of automobile friction stir welding products, realizing the friction stir welding manufacturing of automobile hub, new energy vehicle battery tray, battery frame, water-cooled shell and other products, as well as many foreign and domestic automobile systems such as BMW, Benz, Tesla, Renault, Hongqi, BYD, Volkswagen, Weilai, Geely, etc Manufacturers and supporting suppliers provide more than 100 sets of special friction stir welding equipment to contribute to the development of the global automobile market.