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Industry Solutions

In 2019, saifoster and Ningbo Jingcheng Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. of aviation industry reached a strategic partnership. The company's business moved to the field of friction stir welding, and actively cooperated with saifoster to develop friction stir welding equipment and special friction stir welding fixture for electronic heat dissipation. Ningbo Jingcheng Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. has rich experience in water cooling and air cooling. In addition, in the welding research of heat sink products, it has a mature overall solution of friction stir welding.

At present, the company has developed more than 400 kinds of radiators in various forms and materials, and has realized the "turnkey" project for industrial customers.


Equipment of seiforster metallurgical industry

Since its establishment, saiforster company of aviation industry has successfully developed a number of special friction stir welding equipment for electric power, electronics and other fields, which are used for the mass production of structural products such as radiators and heat sinks.

In 2011, saifoster company of aviation industry successfully developed the plane two-dimensional numerical control friction stir welding equipment and supporting process for water-cooled plate welding, and realized the friction stir welding of 17mm thick copper alloy water-cooled plate products, making China the third country to successfully develop such a large-scale copper alloy friction stir welding water-cooled plate products after the United Kingdom and Japan.

In 2012, saifoster company of aviation industry successfully developed the special equipment and supporting process of friction stir welding for fin welding, realizing the fin welding with the maximum length of 4000mm, the maximum width of 280mm and the maximum height of 100mm.

In 2014, based on the further improvement of equipment functions, saiforster Aviation Industry Co., Ltd. established the first domestic production line for FSW of liquid cooled (cold plate) radiator. In addition to the FSW process, it can also complete machining, heat treatment and other processes, and realize the "turnkey" project for industrial customers.

Saifoster has the largest and most professional production line of friction stir welding radiator products in China. It can design and mass process radiators of aluminum alloy, copper alloy and other materials according to the heat dissipation structure and product demand of power electronics and other industries.