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Industry Solutions

In 2019, saifoster and Ningbo Jingcheng Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. of aviation industry reached a strategic partnership. The company's business moved to the field of friction stir welding, and actively cooperated with saifoster to develop friction stir welding equipment and special friction stir welding fixture in the field of industrial metallurgy. Ningbo Jingcheng Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. has rich experience in the welding of anode and cathode plates. At present, it has been put into production in Yunnan as the "production base of plate components".


Equipment of seiforster metallurgical industry

Saifoster company of AVIC has realized the high efficiency and low cost batch production of plate components by adopting the self-developed high-automatic friction stir welding equipment, and has put into production the "production base of plate components" in Yunnan, which has greatly met the market demand and set off the welding revolution of cathode and anode plate components for metallurgy.